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Its geographical position meant that it commanded trade along the senegal river. Etymology history of name named for the senegal river that forms the northern border of the country. The constitution of senegal is the supreme law of the country and provides for a semipresidential democratic framework where the head of state is the president, while the head of government is the prime minister. This rock art, which serves as the saharas history books of the time, marks the moment when west africans began to build sedentary settlements as water became scarce. Senegal government historycentral historys home on the web. The prime minister is answerable to the president of the republic and the parliament, under the conditions provided for in articles 85 and 86 of the constitution. The african union commission and new zealand ministry of foreign affairs and trade shall not be under. Figure 2 notes important events in the electoral history of senegal. Narrative of a voyage to senegal in 1816 undertaken by order. Protet, reported to the government of the second empire in paris, i have the honor to inform you that i have raised the french flag over the small fort which we have constructed in dakar. Senegal foreign policy and government guide world foreign.

They elect a president every 7 years as the head of state who, in turn, appoints a prime minister to head a government. This book has traced the evolution of senegal from a predominantly aristocratic. Senegal was ruled by the socialist party of senegal, first under president leopold sedar senghor, and then president abdou diouf, for 40 years until abdoulaye wade was elected president in. Senegal has a mixed economic system in which the presence of the state in the economy is considerable, but there is limited private sector freedom. The senegal was discovered by navigators from dieppe in the fourteenth century. The unicameral national assembly has 120 members, elected. Africa senegal the world factbook central intelligence. Little heard of, dakar with a population of over a million people is the capital and largest city of senegal. The president is elected by universal adult suffrage to a sevenyear term. In the absence of written sources and monumental ruins in this region, the history of the early centuries of the modern era must be based primarily on archaeological excavations, the writing of early geographers and travelers, written in arabic and data derived from oral tradition. Senegal is a republic with a strong presidency, weak legislature, reasonably independent judiciary, and multiple political parties. Throughout history, senegal was perceived as one of the stable nations in africa, transitioning peacefully from each of the three political changes. History senegal was part of the ghana empire in the 8th century and the djolof kingdom, in the area between the senegal river and modernday dakar, during the th and 14th centuries. Executive power in senegal is concentrated in the presidents hands.

The book covers physical and political geography, political history, social and political conditions, and economic conditions. Senegal foreign policy and government guide world foreign policy and government library igor oleynik on. Paleolithic and neolithic axes and arrows have been found near dakar, and stone circles, as well as copper and iron objects, have been found in. Senegal remains one of the most stable democracies in africa and has a long history of participating in international peacekeeping and regional mediation. An important element in the politics of senegal is the fact that its territory surrounds the gambia. They elect a president every 7 years as the head of state who, in. It is very important for senegal to establish an effective policy system and protect its. The state and the sovereignty, public liberties and the person, the president of the republic, opposition, relationship between the legislative power and the executive power, the judicial power, international treaties and agreements, and amendments. Acknowledgments the team would like to thank the following persons for contributions, inputs, and direction given in the development of the booklet. Senegal timeline covering an arranged chronological timetable of key events within a particular historical period by. From 1981, when senegalese troops help to suppress a coup in the gambia, there is an attempted federation of the the two nations. Senegal, presidential elections, governance, political. Senegal cultural field guide senegal is a diverse west african nation approximately the size of south dakota and home to more than 36 ethnic groups and languages. They unite in 1982 for many aspects of government, under the name senegambia.

This would be our last landing for fuel, before our arrival in liberia. Senegal timeline covering an arranged chronological timetable of key events within a particular historical period by trending. The largest rivers include the senegal in the north and the casamance in the southern tropical climate region. July of 2003, received death threats for his book covering abdoulaye wade, an. History of senegal lonely planet travel information. The white paper on local government 9 march 1998 the white paper is dedicated to the memory of tshepiso mashinini 19661998, chairperson of the white paper working committee, and all the other women and men who contributed to. Government senegal is governed under the constitution of 2001 as amended. Areas covered range from political system types, political economies, and political cultures of diverse. The toucouleur people, among the early inhabitants of senegal, converted to islam in the 11th century, although their religious beliefs retained strong elements of animism. This book examines the place of nonformal education nfe in african languages in promoting democracy in senegal.

Its principles and achievement publication prepared and edited by the interparliamentary union texts contributed by. The earliest signs of organised society in west africa date from around 1500 bc, in presentday mauritania and northern nigeria, where the remains of stone villages and domestic. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of senegal government 2020 information contained here. The president of senegal is the head of state and government. For further information on the political history of senegal, refer to history. The politics of national languages in postcolonial senegal. Aug 01, 2017 senegal is a former colony of france which gained independence in 1960. This perception was confirmed by the recent 2012 elections marked by the third peaceful transition of power from one president to the other two of which took place following credible democratic elections. Emerging senegal senegal has decided to adopt a new development model to speed up its march towards emergence. Arts and politics in senegal, 19601996 snipe, tracy d. Challenges and perspectives of digital migration for african media. The government conducts and coordinates national policy under the leadership of the prime minister. Senegal bond market global bonds, senegal sovereign debt.

In the 1970s the regime used party regulation to restrict political competition. Using data from a survey of rural senegalese residents, thats the main analysis to empirically examine the results of nfe on political participation and attitudes. Try searching on jstor for other items related to this book. Senegals museum of black civilizations welcomes some. This handbook provides basic reference information on the senegal, including its geography, history, government, military forces, and communications and. A historical analysis of french and senegal cultural relationship. Cherif bassiouni general rapporteur, david beetham, justice m. Politics in senegal takes place within the framework of a presidential democratic republic. Senegal is a democracy where people can vote in elections at age 18. Government of senegal, with significant donor support, invested heavily in irrigation. Introduction the existence of local government has always been defended on the basis that it is a crucial aspect of the process of democratization and intensification of mass participation in the decisionmaking process. Senegal time line chronological timetable of events. In 1582 a french company established a factory at the mouth of the senegal, which became.

Through events such as the world festival of negro arts, first held in. Senegal government structure and political parties. The machinery of government structure and functions of. This strategy, named plan for an emerging senegal pes, forms the reference framework for the countrys economic and social policy over the mid and longterm. Of the state and of sovereignty article 1 the republic of senegal is secular, democratic, and social. The first constitution of senegal was promulgated in 1963 and revised through march 1998. Narrative of a voyage to senegal in 1816 undertaken by order of the french government. Senegal is home to several internationally renowned musicians and artists. The president, who is the head of state, is directly elected to a sevenyear term fiveyear from 2019 and is eligible for a second term. Religion, politics, and colonial rule in french senegal, 18801940.

For a more complete treatment of the country in its regional context, see western africa, history of. The 1963 constitution explicitly recognized the role of political parties in generating political will. Presents a photographic introduction to the land, history, government, economy, people, and culture of the african country of senegal includes bibliographical references pages 7477 and index the land history and government the people cultural life the economy accelerated reader ar ug 8. Mali, india, and nigeria also carry on a considerable trade with the country. The four communes of senegal goree, dakar, rufisque, and saint louis were the only place during the african colonial period, where african inhabitants were granted the same right as french. Narrative of a voyage to senegal in 1816 undertaken by. The colony came under british control at times but was restored to france in 1814. Counting the surrounding area, the population would go well over 2,000,000. Senegal political governance and democracy, a history, senegal. Saint louis was the first permanent french settlement in senegal.

Students must pay for their own books, uniforms, and other school. With the government of senegal, usaid improves lives by creating jobs, improving access to education and health care, strengthening democratic institutions, and developing the agriculture sector to increase production and incomes. Senegal political governance and democracy, a history, an. The new government swept more than half of frances colonial. Senegals constitution of 2001 with amendments through 2009. Jan 15, 2019 dakar, senegal the 19thcentury sword rests in a glass case alongside a frail quran in a spacious gallery where scrolls hang from the wall and soft religious chanting is piped in. Download education and democracy in senegal pdf ebook. The region of modern senegal was a part of the larger region called upper guinea by european traders. The senate was abolished in 2001, but reintroduced in 2007. Senegal is a presidential republic, with an elected national assembly. Senegaal, officially the republic of senegal french.

List of books and articles about senegal history online. Other aspects of senegalese culture have traveled into the larger world as well, most notably senghors espousal of negritudea literary movement that flourished in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and that emphasized african values and heritage. This discussion focuses on the history of senegal since european contact. Archaeological findings throughout the area indicate that senegal was inhabited in prehistoric times. It assures the equality before the law of all the citizens, without distinction of origin, of race, of sex and of religion. An introduction to african politics, this course will provide for its participants a general survey of the main issues regarding politics in the continent. The constitution of senegal is divided into these headings. Unclassifiedfouo senegal cultural field guide senegal is a diverse west african nation approximately the size of south dakota and home to more than 36 ethnic groups and languages. Senegal is bordered by mauritania in the north, mali to the east, guinea to the southeast, and guineabissau to the southwest. Making senegal a hub for west africa prepared by an imf staff team led by alexei kireyev and ali mansoor et al. France and senegal shared a special relationship for over 300 years that date. Senegal has a reputation of being one of the few stable democracies in west africa. In the early 16th century, portuguese traders made contact with coastal kingdoms, and became the first in a long line of interested foreigners. Senegal 0 25 50 75 100 km 0 25 50 75 mi cap vert 16 15 30 15 1430 14 30 12 12 11 16 30 15 30 14 30 30 12 30 16 15 14 16 15 3015 1430 14 30.

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