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Environmental noise consists of all the unwanted sounds in. Noise is perhaps one of the most undesirable by products of modern mechanized lifestyle. By far the most common health effect linked to noise pollution is a condition called noise induced. A crosssection survey of the population in delhi state points out that main sources of. Environmental noise pollution, a form of air pollution, is a threat to health and wellbeing. The study examines the problem of noise pollution in the wake of its ill effect on the life of the people. Regulation and control rules, 2000 have been framed under the environment protection act. Lecture 11 causes, effects and control of noise and. View noise pollution control ppts online, safely and virusfree. Environmental noise consists of all the unwanted sounds in our communities except that which originates in the workplace. Lecture 11 causes, effects and control of noise and thermal pollution. In south australia excessive noise is regulated by the environment protection act 1993 the act, and by the environment protection noise policy 2007 noise policy. Ambient air quality standards in respect of noise for different areaszones 4. Under the act pollution includes all types of waste, smoke, dust, fumes, odour, noise or heat section 3.

This guide is the first in a series intended to assist with the control of air pollution and noise emissions from construction sites. Consequences of any violation in silence zonearea 7. Pdf the paper intended how to reduce noise pollution,by installing turbine in industrial let down station and it is often impractical to plant. Agency and local councils as well as police officers section 9. It may not seem as insidious or harmful as the contamination of drinking water supplies from hazardous. Noise pollution is a major problem in cities around the world. Whereas the increasing ambient noise levels in public places from various sources, interalia, industrial activity, construction activity, fire crackers, sound. Responsibility as to enforcement of noise pollution control measures 5. To study the sources of indoor noise, its effects on human health, noise assessment and regulation through the use of standards, and techniques used to reduce noise. Noise pollution sources, effects and control kamlaraj enterprises. Noise significantly affects the living environment, and there are an increasing number of reports of its impacts on human health. Sources of such noise pollution is caused by machines from machines in various factories, industries and mills. Restrictions on the use of loud speakerspublic address system 6.

Among all the environmental noise pollutants, within. The major sources of this pollution come from the motor vehicle engines, trains, aircraft, transportation systems, and systems. The prevention and control of noise pollution is very important issue generated worldwide. Noise levels can be assessed by an authorised officer from the environment protection. Noise pollution, awareness, prevention and control. Pdf sources, effects, and control of noise in indoor. Noise from mechanical saws and pneumatic drills is unbearable and a nuisance to the public. Noise pollution, awareness, prevention and control by dharmendra. Loud noises, from noise pollution, can damage or destroy those tiny hair cells in your ear.

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